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Explore Our Online Shops: New Earth Frequencies

Spreading Love through High Vibe Messages

Every design we create is infused with love and purpose, aimed at raising the frequency of those who wear them. Together, let's keep shining our light and illuminate the world.


Support and Energy Exchange


If you feel inspired to support the time, energy, and dedication I put into my creations, I'm excited to announce that I now offer Light Code Activations on Etsy. Your support through positive energy exchange is greatly valued.

The concept of energy exchange is essential in maintaining harmony within the universe. It facilitates the flow of positive energy among people, fostering unity and encouragement. Just as nature thrives through energy exchanges between plants, animals, and the environment, our universe prospers from the reciprocal sharing of energy.

Thank you for being a part of this vibrant energy cycle. Namaste

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Welcome to Stargate 2 Heaven Shop
Elevate Your Vibe with Our High-Frequency Designs
Discover a world of positive energy and high-frequency messages at Stargate 2 Heaven. Our online shop is dedicated to bringing you thoughtfully designed products that inspire, uplift, and resonate with your soul.
Our Collection Includes:
High Vibe Messaging Cotton T-Shirts: Perfect for the entire family, our T-shirts  feature empowering messages to raise your vibration.
Light Code Blankets: Wrap yourself in warmth and cosmic energy with our beautifully designed light code blankets.
Inspiring Journals: Capture your thoughts, dreams, and spiritual journey in our thoughtfully crafted journals.
Vibrant Stickers & Posters: Add a touch of high-frequency energy to your surroundings with our unique stickers and posters.
And More: From practical accessories to spiritual tools, our selection is designed to support your journey to a higher frequency.
At Stargate 2 Heaven, every design is made with love and intention, aiming to help you shine your light and spread positivity wherever you go. Join us in lighting up the world, one high-vibe message at a time. Explore our collection and find the perfect items to elevate your daily life.

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Stargate 2 Heaven

(shop by design)

Welcome to Stargate 2 Heaven, your destination for transferring beautiful Light Code Art onto unique items for you and your home. Our mission is to infuse your daily life with positive energy, high-vibration messages, and divine inspiration through our thoughtfully designed products.

Why Choose Us? At Stargate 2 Heaven, every item is made to order, ensuring that each piece is crafted especially for you. This personalized touch guarantees that your selected items are unique and filled with the intention and love we put into creating our Light Code Art.

Our Offerings Include:

  • High Vibe Apparel: Enjoy our collection of cotton T-shirts and hoodies featuring inspiring Light Code Art that elevates your spirit and shares positivity with the world.

  • Home Decor: Bring high-frequency energy into your living space with throw pillows and wall art designed to promote harmony and wellness.

  • Gifts and Collectibles: Find the perfect gift for loved ones or treat yourself to something special with our range of custom-designed items that celebrate love, light, and unity.


Why Light Code Art? Light Code Art carries powerful, transformative energy that can uplift your mood, enhance your living environment, and support your spiritual growth. Our designs are crafted with the intention to help you and your loved ones resonate at higher frequencies and live in alignment with your true selves.

Our made-to-order process ensures that every item is printed and crafted to perfection, reflecting the beautiful energy and intention of our designs.

Explore our shop today and bring the transformative power of Light Code Art into your life. With Stargate 2 Heaven, you can enjoy high-vibe creations that inspire, uplift, and transform your everyday experiences.

**Discover My Offerings: Yoga Classes, Affirmative Meditations, and Light Language Stargate Meditations on YouTube! Connect with Me on Linktree.**

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