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New Earth Frequencies

Sharing Love through High Vibe Messages

All of our designs are made with love and with the intention to help raise the frequency of anyone who wears them. Keep shining your light and together we will light up this world.

Stargate 2 Heaven

If you feel inspired to contribute to the time, energy, and dedication I put into my creations I am excited to share that I am now offering light code activations on Etsy. Your support through positive energy exchange would be greatly valued. The concept of energy exchange maintains harmony in the universe. It facilitates the circulation of positive energy among people, fostering a feeling of unity and encouragement. Similar to how nature flourishes through energy exchanges among its elements, such as plants, animals, and the environment, the universe too prospers from the reciprocal sharing of energy among its inhabitants. Thank you! Namaste🙏🏼


Stargate 2 Heaven

Check out our High Vibe Messaging Cotton T-shirts for the entire family along with light code blankets, journals, stickers, posters and more!

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Stargate 2 Heaven

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We are happy to transfer our Beautiful Light Code Art onto items for you and your home so they can be enjoyed all day!

All items are printed when ordered especially for you!!


I offer yoga classes, meditations with affirmations and lots of light language stargate meditations on our Youtube Channels!

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