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Healing Lotus offers a beautiful experience
for self transformation and healing. 

The lotus flower is not only a beautiful and unique plant, but it also holds significant

spiritual and healing symbolism. The lotus grows in muddy waters, yet emerges clean

and pure, symbolizing the journey towards enlightenment and spiritual awakening.

This journey is similar to the journey of a healthy lifestyle, where one must overcome obstacles and challenges to achieve their desired state of being.

Sarah, the owner of Healing Lotus, is a certified Usui Reiki Master, Certified Holy Fire ®️ Karuna Reiki ®️ Master (Trademark of the ICRT), Certified in the Sacred Hot Yoga Method, Certified Yoginos Yoga for Youth Instructor and a Channeler of Light Language. She has a passion for holistic healing practices, which led her to become a yoga teacher and open her hot yoga studio in 2012. Sarah has taught over 3000 hours of yoga and has trained over 45 teachers with her Healing Lotus Yoga Teacher Training. Today, she offers all of her services online and channels Light codes from light language to awaken your dormant DNA and accelerate your ascension. Sarah's mission is to bring healing to the world through holistic practices that raise vibrations. Join Sarah on this exciting journey towards a healthier and happier you.

Yoga Videos

$11 Each

Each class is unique with a variety of Asana & Affirmations. All classes begin with a warm-up & offer modifications for difficult poses. The classes are for all levels of Yogis & welcomes beginners. The end of each class has a guided meditation with visualizations & affirmations.

The practice of yoga brings balance & unity to our mind, body & spirit. The use of positive affirmations helps to train our mind to see the good out of each experience in life. The practice of staying in a difficult pose while staying calm & breathing with affirmations trains us to easily flow through stressful or difficult situations while keeping a positive mindset.

I  AM Light

1 hour 7 minutes
A Gentle Hatha Yoga Class with Affirmations and finishes with a peaceful meditation.

I AM Flexible & Flowing

1 hour 6 minutes
Hatha Yoga Class with Affirmations that finishes with Energy Healing and A Light Code Meditation.



Join this online course with the freedom to work at your own pace in your own time frame. You will become aware of chemicals found in our every day products for our body & home

& the harmful effects they have on us. Learn how to make your own natural

products at home with simple ingredients. 


Also Included -Plant Based Lifestyle Tips & Recipes, Healing Tools & Positive Practices for balancing Mind, Body & Spirit, Frequencies of Food, Ayurveda, Healing with Affirmations, Guided Meditations & Much More.

Introductory Rate -$88

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Journey to Higher
Consciousness & Soul Evolution

Change your Mindset, Change your Life

Join our online program to learn tools and practices for holistic healing, finding inner power and tuning into optimal health and healing. Our program offers a variety of online healing sessions, including 1:1 Akashic Record Reading with Soul Healing, 2 personalized/ channeled light language activation with Reiki Energy Healing  Sessions and a Customized Metaphysical Healing Plan. Work at your own pace through our online platform and access meditations, yoga and fitness videos, healthy lifestyle tips and recipes, and more. Let's work together to bring balance and healing to all areas of your life. Enroll now for a limited time special price of $555 (value $1111). Payment plan available. Contact us to begin your journey towards a healthy, beautiful life full of joy, gratitude and abundance.


Improve your Life with Love Quotations_e

Improve Your Life With LOVE - A Journey to Love thy Self

Loving ourselves is a Miracle cure. Pretty much anything we want to improve about ourselves can be done with unconditional Self Love. This 21 day online course is set up with self care/self love practices for each day and has bonus information for living a healthy lifestyle. I share the tools that have helped me along my journey. The full virtual course can be done at your own pace as you get into the flow of daily self care practices.

Some practices include yoga, meditation, quick but effective workouts, creating a food journal, a daily worksheet from my book I Am Divine Self Love Journal, learning how to use affirmations, self massage video with affirmations, mirror work and much more.

I am offering the full course for a SPECIAL Introductory rate - $111

(add+ Akashic Record Reading for Soul Healing for $222 total)

Payments can be made below

Thank you for joining me on this journey!
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Lotus in Bloom


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