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Stargate 2 Heaven

Get ready to enter the New Earth

Meditation is a powerful tool that can be used not only to

relax & evade from the stress of daily life, but also to

access higher levels of consciousness. But that's not all.

Have you ever watched those Sci-Fi movies speaking about

stargates & portals to get in contact

with interdimensional beings?

Have you ever dreamed about trying such an experience?



Starry Sky


Introducing the Starlyt Energy Healing Certification Course - a unique program that goes beyond traditional energy healing certifications like reiki. While other courses mainly focus on teaching techniques, our course is designed to take you on a transformative journey of self-exploration and growth. Learn how to not only perform energy healing but also unlock your inner light language and channeling abilities. Our comprehensive curriculum covers various tools to expand your consciousness and maintain your own balance.

As an energy healer, maintaining harmony in your mind, body, and spirit is essential for optimal client care. Achieving balance allows you to form deeper connections with your clients, understanding their needs on a profound level. When you are in equilibrium, you create a safe and nurturing environment for healing to take place, fostering trust and openness in your clients. Our course equips you with a range of resources to support your clients in their healing journey, ensuring they achieve the best outcomes possible. Join us today and embark on a path towards becoming a skilled and compassionate energy healer. Learn More on our Certifications Page!

Healing Sessions

Distance Reiki Healing $88

Intuitively Guided Private Yoga w/

Affirmations, Energy Healing +

mini Light Code Activations $111

Akashic Record Reading + Stargate Healing $111

Metaphysical Healing Plan with Reiki Healing $133

Akashic Record Reading+ Stargate Healing,

Reiki + Channeled Light Code

Healing Activations $199

75 min. Private Yoga w/ Affirmations, Reiki

+ mini Light Code Activation with

Metaphysical Healing Plan $222


Black Sky

Distance Reiki Healing with Channeled

Light Code Sound Healing/Activation $111

In our session, I will use light language alongside Reiki Healing to clear, balance, & heal your aura &

energy centers. Light Codes are packets of higher dimensional information that are delivered through sound, light & sacred geometry that can activate & open chakras, awaken dormant DNA & unlock inner potential. They align individuals with their soul purpose, clear blockages & bring healing for mind, body, & soul. Our session will take place over zoom

& all you need to do is relax & be open to receive. Clients have reported experiencing positive changes, growth, new opportunities, & healing on all levels

after our sessions. Session length varies from

1-2 hours depending on your ability to receive frequencies at the time. The cleaner your vessel,

the more you will be able to receive.


Introducing Vibrational Visionz-

Channeled Light Code Art + Channeled Light Language Activations Audio Recording

Are you in need of a spiritual boost? Let me help you tune into your soul's needs with these channeled personalized services.  I will create a beautiful, healing light code activation painting or drawing and record an audio message with light language dna activations that is tailored to what your soul needs most right now.
You will receive a digital copy of the painting and audio message, so you can revisit them whenever you need a reminder of your inner strength. Don't wait, invest in yourself and your soul today with Vibrational Visionz!

*Introductory Special Prices*
1/2 size channeled painting/drawing (digital copy) +

10- 15 minute Audio of channeled light codes from your guides, ArchAngels & Star Families -$55

Full size channeled painting/drawing (digital copy with double the written codes) +
25-35 minute channeled light code audio -$88

Channeled Light Code Art (digital copy) -$55


Violet Stars
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Starry Sky

For Vibrational Visionz orders -After Payment send permission to tune in to your soul and state that you are open to receive healing with your contact information to the email below.

To schedule an online session send your
availability to our email.

Black Sky
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